How to play the game of the dragon tiger?

This is one of the online games whichis similar to baccarat in several ways. Many of the reviewers mention it as the slimmed-down based version of baccarat. The gameplay is very to that of the casino war. This dragon tiger game can be considered the traditional symbolism.

The game of fortune maker

There is another alternative form of riskier. The punter needs to guess the suit that would be in the card with that of the dealer. The dealer will deal on a specific side related to the table. This type of game mainly involves a lot of guessing as well as mere luck. If the guess works out well it would be the best part of the game for the player.

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The player needs to guess whether the card is having diamond, club, spade, or heart. It is much harder when it is compared to the other two forms of options. However, it should be noted that the main advantage will be the payout ratio which is three is to one. This can make to consider that in case of the player win they will get three times what is wagered by them.


the deal with being done by the dealer with the two cards. One would be the cards for the dragon for the betting side whereas the other would be forthe side of tiger betting. The image which has the higher showing card will win. The punter, the role of the player is mainly to wager mainly on a dragon, tiger, or even maybe a tie.  In case the player is conversant with one of their values can take advantage while playing the game. the lowest rank is of aces and the other cards will follow the natural form of the game. the highest rank is given to the king. The highest card will win the game.